a letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

this Christmas I would like to receive some ***buttered fingers*** as a present.

I would like the said fingers to be taken from that junk of a human being, who had the time to make a 4 feet long key scratch on the side of my cute blue car.
I have no preference as to which hand you will take the fingers from. And any number between 3 and 5 would do perfectly.

Mairi X

***pronounced with Tim Burton's White Queen voice

и снова про тигров

Всемирный Фонд Защиты Животных (aka World Wildlife Fund) прислал мне письмо:

к тигриному саммиту, который пройдет в СПб 21-24 ноября, фонду удалось собрать более 100 000 подписей. хотят попробовать собрать 150 000.

так что, кто еще не подписал тигриную петицию - вам сюда (петиция на английском, но подписываться можно всем, кто хочет - надо просто щелкнуть флажок Address is outside UK):


Hello everybody,

this is an email I've got from World Wildlife Fund today:

A date has now been confirmed for the Tiger Summit in St Petersburg – and for this endangered species, it really can’t come soon enough.

The Summit will take place between 21st-24th November – in just 11 days. And I’m pleased to report that – with your help – we’ve managed to smash our target of 100,000 signatures on the incredibly important petition we’re taking to Russia.

In fact, we’ve had such an amazing response that we’re now setting our sights even higher and hoping to hit 150,000 signatures by the time the Summit gets underway. So if there’s anyone you’ve yet to tell, please ask them to sign our petition right away.